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About Me


Hi Guys! 

I'm Kerith...I'm the one behind the scenes of the Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and the running of the website. 

If you stop by the store front, you will meet me and my bubbly, but professional personality. I love talking to people and love helping people feel confident. 

A little bit of history about how I got here: I have worked in retail for the majority of my life! I actually left retail to pursue a masters degree in counseling. I graduated in December 2018 with said masters in counseling (puts a new spin on "retail therapy") and loved being a counselor but I just felt like something was missing.

One Sunday afternoon, me and my boyfriend, Chad, were talking about career options and I brought up opening up my own store. He looked at me and said "do it". I felt so excited and confident. And that's when I knew that opening up a boutique was the right thing to do. 

And, here we are, FOUR months later..I have a beautiful store front and I am launching this website! I am humbled by the support from the community and from family and friends. 

I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me and I AM SO EXCITED for all of you to take it with me! 

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    128 W Main Street
    Saint Clairsville 43950

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